[slideshow gallery_id=”1″] The Rules of the Website :

It is a honor for me to share all the great work on this website.

To show your great work here you should have min. 3 great work on the G+ page +ShowYourBestWork. From this selection I will do a selection for the Website.

The Rules of the G+ Page :

1. If you think this one of your best photographic works, use the hashtag.
1(a)  Please only use the hashtag of #showyourbestwork and +ShowYourBestWork by +Britta Rogge on photos that you believe are your best.

2. I will be also be sharing great photos when I find them.
(You may want to put rule 4 immediately after this or include it with this one.)

3. Please do not use the hashtag for every work you post on Google+.
(I will only share 2-3 Photos from your work pro week.)

4. If you do not want me to share your work, please notify me.

Please, do not tagg your photos with the +ShowYourBestWork Theme !!

Let us start.

In the end it’s all just for fun!

Britta Rogge