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ShowYourBestWork was created 2013 in Google+.

The best photographs were shared daily on the Google+ Page using the hashtag #showyourbestwork. Every month there was another selection for the monthly highlights in addition to the best. All photos by outstanding photographers were promoted by me on the Google+ Page ShowYourBestWork.

Every top photographer uses this opportunity to show their own photos, to promote them and to gain a level of awareness.

For the G + Page, I created this website too also to promote the great photographs on the www.
Every photographer gave me this consent to use.
There were also guidelines on the Google+ Page. Only those who used the hashtag #showyourbestwork were found about it and shared with G+, as well as included in the monthly highlights and with the monthly highlights in that point on the website too.
Google+ no longer exists since April 2019. But the website continues.

If you should find a photo of yourself here and you wonder why and you no longer want it online, I ask you:
1. remember your best time with Google+ as well as on the ShowYourBestWork Page
2. contact me immediately
3. gladly send me a new, current photo and I will exchange it as well as send me your new links
4. Not to send a lawyer without first contacting me!

We will both find a solution together if you are dissatisfied.

Please take a close look at the website! Check out the other top photographers! And be proud to be able to be there with these great photographers.

I am at your disposal at any time.

At the end – it is just for fun.