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About Me – Carey St. Hilaire
I am just a NY kid who was born and raised in the city. I lived there for 20 years before I moved out my parents house because I joined the Navy. I was stationed in Japan for 4 years and I was almost in tears because I was leaving the country instead of going to San Diego, Ca like I wanted to go. Little did I know that this would become the best experience of my life.

I loved being in Japan so much that I stayed a total of 8 years and got married to a Japanse woman while I was there.

I took up photography in May of 2012 and I have been learning and growing ever since then. I feel comfortable with the position I am in and I look to become better with every day that passes. I love to photograph mainly HDR photos and I have recently taken up Black and White Fine Art photography.

I currently live in New York City but I have a wish to live in Southern California when the time is right. Hopefully… I love my city but I love the warm weather all year round even more.

I also take trips to Japan every year so expect a nice influx of some great Japanese photography heading your way soon.

Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. I hope you enjoy the photos I have up for your viewing.  Thanks and Peace!!