Andy Lee

Award winning film maker and photographer. Although I have been taking pictures all my life, I started photographing obsessively about ten years ago while filming a documentary for a charity in Ethiopia. Taking along an old hasselblad film camera, I started to photograph the scenes I had set up to film. From this moment I was hooked. As many of the photographers I know make the step into video from photography I have chose the other route. I find the still image so much more rewarding than video.

I love portraiture and ‘capturing the moment’ but have recently started photographing landscape. Trying to combine the two is something I’m hoping to develop. I suppose the key component in all my imagery is ‘Light’. Light is key and often helps develop my narrative to how I want the image to be conveyed. I still shoot large format, not only because I like the look and feel of film, but also the movement you get from a large format camera, more often than not when I do shoot digital I shoot with tilt shift lenses.

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