Fabs Fabian

Nature and Landscape Photographer

My main interest in photography is nature and landscape photography. First and foremost I love spending time in nature! I love surfing, I love to discover beaches untouched by humans, walking through dense forests and and feeling the raw beauty of nature. In photography I found a way to share with others the peace and beauty I find in nature.

Most of my time is spent in my clinic, were I work as a children psychologist.

But when I’m not working in the clinic you can find me either on a surf board, or walking through beaches or through forrest. Usually the less comfort, the harder the beach or forrest is to access, the better. This makes me focus on simple things and I feel that it recharges me. When you find me photographing, often my tripod and my feet are either soaked wet or drowning in mud, as I get obsessed with my photography.


Website: www.photosofportugal.com

Website: www.fabsfabian.com